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Letha Hadady’s Asian Health Secrets

Please meet Mrs. Letha Hadady, one of the US’ leading capacities on Traditional Chinese Medicine and author of a series of renowned boods on natural healing resources and philosophy!

Letha Hadady: Asian Health Secrets, Collage

Her book “Asian Health Secrets”, outlining the millenium-old knowledge and wisdom of the Chinese culture has fundamentally changed the way we are looking at deseases and healing processes. The rich, yet comprehensible way she introduces us to the wealth of long-kept health secrets of the Chinese culture makes this invaluable treasure of knowledge accessible for everyone to come to a new understanding of our body. At the same time, “Asian Health Secrets”  provides a practical guide of how to use natural herbs such as tea or other herbal infusions for the treatment of a broad spectrum of conditions, ranging from our little everyday ailments to chronical and more severe diseases.

During her extensive travels of Asia, Letha once fell in love with the Northern Thai of Doi Mae Salong inhabited by an ethnic Chinese population. Doi Mae Salong, and its recent development as a hub for the cultivation and production of finest Oolong, Green, Black, Scented and Herbal Teas is pretty much the line of intersection, where SiamTeas and Letha Hadady at some point inevitably had to meet. She’s just one of these rare people that stick out of a million, and once you meet them you can never forget them and will always feel their imprint on your own life.

Letha has reflected on Teas from Northern Thailand, and honored Siam Teas, which I take as one of the largest compliments I ever received, in several of her articles and blog posts

“Siam Teas”

“Siam Teas: Oolong N# 17”

“The Heaven, where Siam Tea grows”

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