Pang Kham – Home of ShanTea Revisited

It's been almost 10 years now since I first visited the tea village Pang Kham, origin of my ShanTea. The original incentive for my trip to to Pang Kham had been rumors about an ancient wild tea tree population nearby the village. What is ShanTea / Sheng Hei Cha? ShanTea Wild Sheng Hei Cha as a vintage tea @ Siam Tea Shop The Tea Trees of Ban Phang Kham Pang Kham for interested north Thailand travelers

The Tea Leaf Theory – An All-India Organic Small Tea Growers Association

The Tea Leaf Theory is an association of organic small tea growers in tea growing regions across north-east India. One the one side, these include well-established names such as Darjeeling and Assam. On the other side, featuring cultivation and wild tea projects in places such as Manipur and Arunachal, the initiative virtually breaks new ground. In order to ensure an equally high quality level across the portfolio, all individual producers under the project's umbrella have to adhere to strict process guidelines. Among these, their ambitious principles of organic close-to-nature cultivation, fair prices to producers and fair wages to workers are fundamental pillars of The Tea Leaf Theory’s unique approach. From this point, I am going to let the floor to the project’s founder himself... Just a few days ago, I received an email from Upamanyu Borkakoty, starting with the words “I thought I’d share my story with you…”. Then , the quite emotional lines following this introduction really stroke a chord with me, and I thought maybe so they would with you… The Tea Leaf Theory Story told by the Founder...