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Project Shan Tea

Like so many good things, Project Shan Tea was born over a pot of tea... Help Without Frontiers is a German refugee aid organization that has dedicated its work and its commitment to alleviate the plight of ethnic Shan refugees and displaced persons from Burma. In this context, Help Without Frontiers conducts training and educational programs and initiatives to generate income, health, medical, nutritional and a number of other social projects... In Burma's border area with Thailand, where refugees and displaced people from Burma gather to seek a better life and fortune in escaping to Thailand... Where they come from, arson, rape, robbery and killings through Burma's military are the everyday agenda... Tea from the Shan states just sounded like a great idea, possibly another good and even rare tea specialty for the Sia Teas portfolio... Shan tea is a dark, not fully fermented tea that tastes like the land and soil, on which it grows. READ MORE...