Creation of tea blends

Black Pearls/Rosella Hibiscus Tea Blend EXP No.1

... personally rather a fan of pure Camellia Sinensis tea and its numerous green, Oolong and black tea variations... belittle the thousands of existing „tea“ blends with their notedly imaginative names with an attitude that might be not too far away from arrogance... herbs native to Thailand, such as Jiaogulan, Safflower, Mulberry leaves, Roselle Hibiscus or Chrysanthemums all have their surely justified place in traditional Chinese medicine... engaged myself in the degustation of Roselle Hibiscus infusions, my first thought was “Summer Ice Tea”, and the second thought that came to me was “this would surely taste great mixed with black tea”... What is left of the Black Pearls is the wonderful „median”, sweet range of tastes that is typical with the enjoyment of this tea in its pure form... “Siam Summer Dream”... Roselle Hibiscus, reminiscent of dog rose and lemon... The resulting tea beverage is refreshing and invigorates the human senses, making it a perfect iced refreshment drink for hot summer days... or as a pleasant hot tea beverage at any time of the day... READ MORE