February 27, 2011

The History of Tea

Origin of tea culture, cultivation and use of the tea plant... Most sources date the discovery of tea as a beverage and as medicinal herb to about 2700 - 2800 BC... ... is taken from the tea bible "Cha Jing", written by the Chinese literate Lu Yu (733-804 AD). Accdording to the Cha Jing, tea first became known through the Chinese healer Shennung (2737 Chr BC)... Lu Yu in his writings advocated this traditional method of tea preparation and transcended the consumption of the tea beverage to a spiritual act... Not only the commercial marketing, but also the further development of different tea processing methods (e.g. Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, scented or flavored teas), up to a certain point can be mainly attributed to the Chinese... Tea was first brought to Europe from China by a portugaise priest, Gasper da Cruz... ...tea then held its great march of triumph through all of Europe in the course of the 17. century... eversince, tea, as well as the culture and rites surrounding the comsumption of tea, have claimed a well-established position in European life... READ MORE...